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Why I Am A Hot Mess When It Comes To My Child's School Forms

I flew into the office of an organization that specializes in social therapy for Autistic children to sign my daughter up for their summer camp program. I was a little winded from the walk from my car to the receptionist’s window. She looked mildly surprised to see me, and she should have been. I was a little more than a ½ hour early. Once I said who I was, she launched into, “Do you realize your appointment isn’t until 3:30PM?” I was. “I came early because I forgot the questionnaire I had to fill out.” Truth is, I always forget the questionnaire, the forms, the IEP paperwork; basically all of my child’s school forms are always not with me when I need them.


Naturally, she asked for my daughter’s IEP. Of course. I thought about bringing it, yet seemed to completely blank when I was rushing out the door in the morning, daughter in tow, to make a 2 hr drive to the camp’s location for their mandatory in-person, pre-admission interview. I could only offer, “I’ll mail it to you.” She was satisfied with my answer and I felt a bit let off the hook once again. You’d think I’d have faced enough of these scenarios to get myself in gear by now. Not a chance.


My Child’s School Forms Are Too Numerous To Keep Track Of


My daughter has a bonafide autism diagnosis and an IEP that is 5 years in the making. You want to talk about paperwork! I don’t understand much of what is even on all this information, though I have tried. So much of it seems redundant to me. I bring one form that seems to be what a professional asker is looking for and I will inevitably bring the seemingly correct but yet wrong one instead. Such is the life of a hot mess mom. I refuse to apologize. When priorities are many, something is going to fall apart somewhere along the line. Usually for me it’s keeping track of paperwork...of any kind.


As the years progress for us on this autism journey, so does the stack of things I have to keep around. There is probably a form I needed to fill out 4 months ago on my desk as we speak. And I’ll find it exactly one year after I needed to fill it out, I swear. So what’s a hot mess mom like me to do when it comes to my child’s school forms and other uber important stuff for her that I keep misplacing?


My Daughter Is Too Important To Worry About How Much Of A Hot Mess Mom I Am


A long time ago I let go of unrealistic expectations of how perfect a parent I had to be. That came just after my daughter’s final diagnosis. A life of autism isn’t perfect, but no one else’s is either. I am who I am and since my daughter is a happy, outgoing; albeit quirky child, I’d say I am doing a darn good job of making a masterpiece out of this mess. I have the paperwork to prove it. It’s around here somewhere.


Now My Child’s School Forms Stay In One Place And Get To The People Who Need It Instantly


The first time I saw eCare Vault I knew it was exactly what I needed and didn’t know it existed. An app on a handheld device that I could upload my child’s school forms, IEP information and other paperwork to and be able to share with anyone who needs it? Where do I sign up?


I no longer have piles of her information on my desk that anyone could see, lose or throw away on me. I don’t have stacks of stapled reports under my bed for safe keeping only to be left there when I am running out the door any more. It’s all on eCare Vault. When the next professional asks for my daughter’s IEP, all I need to say now is, “Let me share it with you.”





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