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The World Realizes How Long A COVID-19 Clinical Trial Will Take

Never before has the world been so anxious for a clinical trial to complete than a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. The “coronavirus” has had everyone on the edge of their seats, desperate for news of a medical solution that signals for this nightmare to be over. But a global pandemic doesn’t get excused from existence so easily, as the world is coming to find out. BioPharma companies are working on a vaccine, but the world collectively sighed in disappointment to realize that clinical trials don’t happen in a week. The news hit recently that the soonest we could hope for, according to two drug manufacturers working on it, is a year. Why a year?


For those in the clinical trial space, a year is actually a pretty fast clinical trial. What might seem like an eternity to the non-clinical trial world is the best we could hope for. Even more disappointing is the caveat that even with a vaccine in a year, the COVID-19 virus will by then have mutated into two separate strains. Viruses have a bad habit of mutation. This fact adds to the frustration for pharmaceutical companies and the people waiting for a vaccine.


What the world finally realizes is what it’s like for anyone else who is ill and waiting for a promising treatment to announce they have FDA approval. This process is labor-intensive and expensive. Many clinical trials never see the light of day. There are many factors as to why clinical trials take so long.


Clinical Trials Are Difficult To Get Started


One of the greatest factors in why clinical trials take so long is the fact that it’s difficult to find participants to get it started from the get-go. Recruiting clinical trial participants takes time. For a COVID-19 virus clinical trial, you have to find participants willing to be subjected to a trial in the first place. This is a hard sell. How long it will take to get clinical participants willing to go through the vaccine trial could be the most laborious part of this.


Clinical trials are dead on arrival if they don’t have enough clinical trial participants to start. It is not enough to just have some. You have to have enough to get accurate clinical trial results. Waiting for the right mix of clinical trial participants and enough of them to start will prove difficult for sure.


The good news is that the BioPharma community as a whole is banding together to get this thing started. With so many working together, we can hope that between all of the pharmaceutical companies working on this that there will quickly be enough of the right clinical trial participants to start. There is always strength in numbers and collective action, in this case, works in the world’s favor.


Clinical Trials Take Time To Get Accurate Results


When clinical trials happen, there needs to be plenty of time to not only get through the prescribed course but also to wait long enough to measure the results. This may be the most frustrating part of waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine is waiting long enough to get to the part where we can announce that the vaccine is a validated success.


There will also be the part of the trial, after the trial, to be sure that the measured results stay true. Waiting for feedback on the effectiveness against the virus and any unwanted side effects will yet be realized by the time the trial waiting period is over. That will also take a collective measuring the results and reporting back on progress and effectiveness.


Being able to keep on top of this data effectively will take regular collaboration on the part of the pharmaceutical companies working on a COVID-19 vaccine. What this collective body will need is an organization agnostic collaboration tool to make it happen. How else can this data be monitored and followed up on easily? eCare Vault is the first solution of its kind to be able to serve up such a solution. This cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, EHR agnostic platform is easily used from any handheld device making getting updates, writing progress notes and getting reports on the fly a snap.


If you’d like to find out more about how eCare Vault can help your clinical trial do more faster to accelerate timelines, contact us today for a free consultation.



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