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What Will Special Education Look Like In A Post-COVID-19 School

If ever there was a monkey wrench thrown into special education, it’s school closures due to COVID-19. Never before has a conundrum like this challenged so many special education professionals and students alike. To be sure, there are some things...

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Do School Districts Help Principals Understand Special Education?

Principals are faced with having to juggle many things on a daily basis. In smaller schools, they may be filling multiple rolls when larger schools could have 2 or 3 covering all the necessary duties of being a school administrator.

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How To Help Parents Who Have Misconceptions About Special Education

Ask a group of non-education people to tell you the first thing that comes to mind when you say the words, “Special Education,” and you will likely have a wide range of answers. Some will harken back to the days of special resource rooms from...

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3 Things That Will Improve On The Co-Teaching Model

In the inclusive environment employed by many school districts to include special education students in the same classroom, co-teaching is gaining popularity. A distressing amount of school districts are feeling the strain of the ever-growing...

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How EdTech Is Going To Save Special Education Services

These days a smartphone or any other handheld device is practically an appendage. What would we do without our technology? You can bank with it, pay bills, buy coffee, or order anything to be delivered to your door. Whatever you can think of to...

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Why Being A Piece Of The Pie As A Special Education Professional Is Challenging

Being a special education professional can be one of the most rewarding positions in influencing and supporting child development. You have the ability to enact change and empower students in so many ways. The bonds children form with specialists...

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