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Topics may range from “Connecting a care team to effectively implement an individualized education plan” to “Elder-specific issues in care coordination.” We think unlocking potential and enhancing care outcomes includes keeping everyone informed of new and better ways to organize and coordinate care in patient-centric ways…

Why Caring For Alzheimers Patients Takes Teamwork

Alzheimer's patients are fighting an uphill battle for normalcy and comfort in their caring environments. While this condition starts as nothing more than a mild inconvenience, eventually all Alzheimer's patients need escalating care to keep them...

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Telehealth For Seniors Is Gaining Favorable Momentum

When we think of Seniors, we are not usually not thinking of eager adopters of technology. If you are one of the many who have spent hours on the phone with an aging parent or loved one trying to explain how to work something as simple as the...

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Why You Should Plan For Family Caregiving Before It's Needed

More often than not, families start to plan for family caregiving when they are in the waiting room of a hospital, discussing what to do with Mom or Dad. In times like this, emotions are high, family members are stressed and trying to have this...

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3 Things You Need To Know When Planning Elder Care


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