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How Community Building In Clinical Trials Will Increase Patient Retention

If there is anything that pharmaceutical companies and CROs are worried about with any clinical trial, it’s patient retention. There are various reasons why a patient wouldn’t complete a clinical trial, but patient fall-off for unknown reasons...

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How Patient Journey Mapping Is Effected By A Clinical Trial

Patients can move around healthcare systems and doctor networks at will, as long as their health insurance will allow it. This creates an exciting opportunity for the patient and a difficult one for the treating professionals who deal with their...

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How Virtual Trials Can Reach a More Diverse Population

Clinical trials are changing the way the world looks at medicine - and creating innovative techniques to help find treatments to rare and debilitating diseases. However, there are a number of issues holding the industry back from achieving good...

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Why Enhancing Patient Communication Will Help Improve Clinical Trials

In the world of clinical trials, research and study site staff are so overburdened with daily activities that they are usually operating with blinders on - completing the tasks they have at hand to move the trial forward. While this is something...

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What Stands In The Way Of CRAACO Being Next Gen Healthcare?

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Innovation in Clinical Trials - My Takeaways from DPharm 2019

It’s been a little under a week since my team and I departed DPharm 2019 to travel back to our offices (a few short miles, but a bit of travel nonetheless) and my brain is still digesting all of the innovation presented to the crowd of over 400...

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