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Why Schools Are Failing To Help Kids In Crisis

There is a lot that can be said about what kinds of emotional things kids come to school with each day. Like a backpack full of books, it weighs them down and threatens to hurt them if they carry it around too long. Merely recognizing that kids...

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Should We Be Monitoring Student Mental Health Instead Of Educational Achievement In Schools?

The recent news of two junior high school girls plotting the demise of some of their classmates, while no less horrifying, is just one in an onslaught of stories involving children in the middle of a bonafide mental health crisis. No firmly...

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Can The Soft Behavioral Data Of A Student Help Us Avoid Tragedy?

Mass killings in schools is officially no longer an anomaly. While grief is still so fresh with Sandy Hook, Parkland, Florida is now another town that no one will ever forget. The horrific event at Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 dead. But...

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Why Children Face Difficulties In Dealing With Mental Health Issues In School


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