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Care Providers Face Challenges As Senior Care Management Services Expand

The aging population needing care continues to climb at a staggering rate. The peak of these services still lives in a faraway place above the clouds. The expansion of healthcare services, for the foreseeable future, will be centered on taking...

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How Good Home Health Care Agencies Lose Money With Bad Records

Medicare is now poised to do a better job at reviewing home health care agency payment claims through its new initiative called Review Choice Demonstration. Illinois is the first state to start this new claim review process, starting June 1st,...

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How Home Health Care Can Help With Senior Behavioral Health Decline

The considerable rise in home healthcare services is certainly one of the best things to happen to the aging population, well known as the Baby Boomers. When you consider this generation is an independent and hearty one, staying in their own home...

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Mergers And Acquisitions Of Home Care Agencies Raise New Concerns

If you are interested in home care news, you will find the sites that deliver such information littered with an explosive trend in the home care industry; mergers and acquisitions. While this cannibalizing of competitors has been going on in the...

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Why High Turnover In Home Health Care Agencies Means Great Risk For Everyone

Home health care agencies are blossoming before our very eyes. The state of healthcare costs warrants more and more in-home care services, with the promise of a bright future for those who endeavor to meet the demands. It shouldn’t surprise...

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What Can Insurance Companies Do To Keep In-Home Care Costs Down?

The message is clear no matter what news channel you find yourself watching; the cost of medical care keeps going up with no end in sight. This realization has sent insurance companies scrambling to figure out how to keep a lid on costs so they...

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Why You Should Plan For Family Caregiving Before It's Needed

More often than not, families start to plan for family caregiving when they are in the waiting room of a hospital, discussing what to do with Mom or Dad. In times like this, emotions are high, family members are stressed and trying to have this...

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Why Family Dynamics Can Be Difficult When Caring For A Loved One


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