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How Technology Keeps More People Healthy During The COVID-19 Crisis

Social distancing is the phrase of the day. The rules seem to be tweaking daily as to what deems proper social distancing, so we’re all trying to stay tuned and aware. While the whole world waits on when they can venture out, there is a very real...

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Why Sharing Patient Notes Will Increase Patient Satisfaction

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Why Caring For Alzheimers Patients Takes Teamwork

Alzheimer's patients are fighting an uphill battle for normalcy and comfort in their caring environments. While this condition starts as nothing more than a mild inconvenience, eventually all Alzheimer's patients need escalating care to keep them...

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Why In-Home Care Offers Better Insights Into Patient Needs

In-home care for seniors is the preferred way to go for many. The reasons for wanting to be at home are as individual as the patients themselves. For some, it offers the comfort and assurance of familiar surroundings. For others, it’s the...

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How Can Today's Technology Help Seniors Age In Place Better?

Patients are spending less time in the hospital these days thanks to technology. One group who should be considered for what technology can do for them is seniors. The idea “age in place” is a reality for many. How do we keep our seniors safe and...

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How Good Home Health Care Agencies Lose Money With Bad Records

Medicare is now poised to do a better job at reviewing home health care agency payment claims through its new initiative called Review Choice Demonstration. Illinois is the first state to start this new claim review process, starting June 1st,...

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Mergers And Acquisitions Of Home Care Agencies Raise New Concerns

If you are interested in home care news, you will find the sites that deliver such information littered with an explosive trend in the home care industry; mergers and acquisitions. While this cannibalizing of competitors has been going on in the...

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Why Improving Patient Engagement Should Be Your Top Priority

Picture a scenario such as this: You’ve been tasked with the job of building a dream house on a serene private beach for an ambitious client looking to push the boundaries of architectural design. This is the job you’ve been waiting for all your...

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What Is Care Coordination?

John Lennon and Paul McCartney once penned a famous tune containing the lyrics “I get by with a little help from my friends.” While the underlying roots of the song focus on human companionship, these lyrics also reference the main elements of...

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