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Topics may range from “Connecting a care team to effectively implement an individualized education plan” to “Elder-specific issues in care coordination.” We think unlocking potential and enhancing care outcomes includes keeping everyone informed of new and better ways to organize and coordinate care in patient-centric ways…

Why In-Home Care Offers Better Insights Into Patient Needs

In-home care for seniors is the preferred way to go for many. The reasons for wanting to be at home are as individual as the patients themselves. For some, it offers the comfort and assurance of familiar surroundings. For others, it’s the...

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Why are ACOs so interested in Home Health Services?

In recent news, the National Association of ACOs announced it is pushing Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to rethink its positions on what qualifies a patient for home health services. While home-based care is rising at a...

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What To Do Before You Call An Education Attorney

We can have the best of intentions when it comes to the special education journey. When the onset of a potential issue with your child becomes a full-blown diagnosis, with tests and consultations, things can escalate very quickly. With meetings...

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3 Gut Wrenching Truths About Caring For An Elderly Parent


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CSAs and Networked Coordination: Bridging The Gaps In Care

The need for coordinated care, particularly for those who suffer from behavioral health issues or for those who are not able to fully access the health services they need on their own, is nothing new. Every day, men and women, even children and...

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