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The World Realizes How Long A COVID-19 Clinical Trial Will Take

Never before has the world been so anxious for a clinical trial to complete than a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. The “coronavirus” has had everyone on the edge of their seats, desperate for news of a medical solution that signals for this...

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How To Make Pre-Qualification Easier For Clinical Trial Volunteers

The most critical aspect of a successful clinical trial is getting clinical trial volunteers to have it in the first place. It should go without saying, you can’t have a clinical trial without them. Yet, it still remains difficult to find the...

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Cancer Data In Clinical Trials Should Be Shared

If you read any trade magazines in the pharmaceutical industry, you will quickly find there are many clinical trials going on related to cancer. Biopharma is in an all-out war against cancer. With all the clinical research and clinical trials in...

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Breaking Down The Walls Between BioPharma, CROs, and Traditional Healthcare Providers

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