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How Home Health Care Can Help With Senior Behavioral Health Decline

The considerable rise in home healthcare services is certainly one of the best things to happen to the aging population, well known as the Baby Boomers. When you consider this generation is an independent and hearty one, staying in their own home...

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Mergers And Acquisitions Of Home Care Agencies Raise New Concerns

If you are interested in home care news, you will find the sites that deliver such information littered with an explosive trend in the home care industry; mergers and acquisitions. While this cannibalizing of competitors has been going on in the...

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Why High Turnover In Home Health Care Agencies Means Great Risk For Everyone

Home health care agencies are blossoming before our very eyes. The state of healthcare costs warrants more and more in-home care services, with the promise of a bright future for those who endeavor to meet the demands. It shouldn’t surprise...

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What Can We Be Doing Better To Mitigate Bullying?

We’ve been talking about bullying in public schools for quite a while now. Indeed it is a problem. There is no doubt bullying has cost us all money, blood, sweat and tears...and even lives. Nevertheless, the threat of intimidation is just as real...

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What Can Insurance Companies Do To Keep In-Home Care Costs Down?

The message is clear no matter what news channel you find yourself watching; the cost of medical care keeps going up with no end in sight. This realization has sent insurance companies scrambling to figure out how to keep a lid on costs so they...

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Is Your Child's Inclusive Summer Camp Inclusive Enough?

My daughter came home from day 3 of her week-long culinary camp to ask if she had to go the next day. I was stunned by her sheepish demeanor. She was elated at the idea of a solid 5 days of cooking and baking. I was grateful this didn’t involve...

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The Questions Parents Have That IEP Reports Don't Cover

Dear School District;

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Why Improving Patient Engagement Should Be Your Top Priority

Picture a scenario such as this: You’ve been tasked with the job of building a dream house on a serene private beach for an ambitious client looking to push the boundaries of architectural design. This is the job you’ve been waiting for all your...

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Why Schools Are Failing To Help Kids In Crisis

There is a lot that can be said about what kinds of emotional things kids come to school with each day. Like a backpack full of books, it weighs them down and threatens to hurt them if they carry it around too long. Merely recognizing that kids...

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Do School Districts Help Principals Understand Special Education?

Principals are faced with having to juggle many things on a daily basis. In smaller schools, they may be filling multiple rolls when larger schools could have 2 or 3 covering all the necessary duties of being a school administrator.

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