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How To Change Your Parent's Caregiver Without Losing Your Mind

Last week my sister-in-law met with an adult caregiver for my mother-in-law for the first time. We’ve had first meetings with caregivers several times now. My mother-in-law is such that she really can’t be alone for long periods of time any more but is in no real danger if she is home alone all day. Still, the avalanche of phone calls from her that descend on me and my two sisters-in-law on a daily basis are so much that trying to help her stay on her own isn’t possible any more. We all have families of our own, jobs, responsibilities, and cares we need to focus on. Her medical diagnosis is anxiety, our summation is that she is mostly lonely. So, we hired an adult caregiver...again. We have to keep hiring them because she keeps firing them. It’s frustrating. Maybe you can relate.


Parent's Caregiver


When you have to put your parent’s caregiver through the paces of onboarding and your parent getting used to them, it is stressful for everyone, not just your parent. There are lots of reasons for hiring an adult caregiver for your parent, but it all comes down to one thing; your parent’s caregiver has a lot of information to take in and keep track of if they are going to be successful in working with you and your parent.


Your Parent’s Caregiver Needs To Know All Those Things You Forget To Tell Them

We always remember to tell them about medications and diagnoses. We don’t forget to tell them how they need to get down the stairs or what to do if mom or dad suddenly remembers they don’t know something simple any more. It happens. Aging is hard. We want to make mom and dad’s life easier and more stable. It’s all those little things that would make the difference in your parent’s caregiver and your parent settling into a routine easier that we tend to forget:

  1. How do they like their tea/coffee
  2. They like butter on their toast but not too much
  3. Water the plants while you’re there
  4. Check the fridge to see what is needed
  5. Keep thermostat set at *
  6. She always wants a sweater around 3:30 PM
  7. Dad falls asleep around 11:00 AM in his easy chair
  8. If she gets upset or seems confused, ask her to play cards 


It’s the little things that make a difference. Getting your parent’s adult caregiver to know them in the kinds of details that put your parent at ease will make everyone involved feel more comfortable. Parents tend to get tense when it comes to new people in their home. Eliminating annoyances in the “getting to know you” process can make all the difference in your parent and their adult caregiver happy with their new relationship.


Where Do You Store All The Little Details For Your Parent’s Caregiver?

Most of the prep we do for meeting and introducing Mom to a new caregiver is me and my sisters-in-law talking on the phone and reminding the designated “meeter” of the new caregiver what we want them to know. She goes armed with sheets of notes to pass on. I’ll be honest, it’s a disaster. It’s been the poor caregiver’s job to review all the notes and ask questions later when it could just as easily be done in some kind of an app. If only there was one. Oh, wait… there is!  


If you have a parent that is in need of a caregiver or your family is well underway with experiencing the pitfalls of adult caregiving for an aging parent, eCare Vault is just what you need to feel better about getting all the right information across to everyone involved.


For many, the medical issues and treatments get all the focus when dealing with an adult caregiver. Considering the comfort level of your parent, imagine only needing to remember all the little details and nuances of your parent once and collecting all the questions from caregivers in one place. How about a place for FAQs about your parent? Experience the confidence of being able to manage collaboration of care with your parent’s caregiver in real-time, all the time. Put your mind at ease with eCare Vault today.

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