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How The Clinical Trial Experience Can Be Better With Design

Trial participants often lament the clinical trial experience as impersonal, slow, clumsy, and disjointed. It stands to reason that a clinical trial would have communication issues. BioPharma companies hire out for clinical trial management, which makes communication with trial participants and the BioPharma company once removed from the start. What can be done to improve the clinical trial experience with trial participants?

With the expectation that trial participants have with communication, such improvements will need to be made to bring the clinical trial experience up to par with the pace of modern-day communication in general.

The vast majority is using some kind of technology to communicate. Whether that is texting via smartphone, or using a computer or tablet to use their favorite social media platform(s), practically everyone is using technology as a significant mode of communication. It is about time that the clinical trial experience was able to get on board.

The Clinical Trial Experience Should Mirror Other Experiences

Truth be told, a clinical trial experience wouldn’t be the first thing a trial participant would think of if someone asked them about their favorite customer service experience. While it is true that most trial participants are participating because all other forms of treatment for their given condition are either no longer working or don’t work to alleviate symptoms at all, shouldn’t the clinical trial experience still be a good one?

BioPharma companies are asking trial participants to subject their bodies to something that has not even been proven to work and has no data on long term effects. Wouldn’t that warrant the BioPharma industry doing all it can to make the clinical trial experience as great an experience as possible for the trial participant?

There are many different kinds of industries that utilize technology very well when it comes to designing a customer service experience that people want to use and tell others about. The BioPharma industry could take a few pointers from what is working and figure out how to work them into their clinical trial experience.

Online Concierge Services Offer A Better Communication Design

What the Internet brings to the table in terms of on-demand communication cannot be ignored. Today’s clinical trial participant wants to be able to reach someone with questions, concerns about adverse effects, and potential emergencies. The difference between a trial participant electing to finish their trial and one who is happy to see it through may just be about creating communication strategies to are ready when the trial participant is.

Online concierge services in the clinical trial experience could be as simple as having one trial assistant available at all times to answer questions through text messages or online communication tools.

No matter what kind of tool a CRO uses to communicate with their trial participants online, creating an effective communication strategy first will help create a much better experience. It is imperative to include current and past trial participants in the design strategy planning and testing.

No experience will ever be valid from the trial participant standpoint unless it includes them in the process. If you want to know what it is like to be a trial participant in need of better communication tools, you will need to ask them.

The experience of on-demand information creates a feeling of safety and confidence in communication. When trial participants want answers, they reach out. Be there for them when it matters if you want them to stick with your clinical trial.

Cost Versus Reward Needs To Be Weighed Carefully

It’s always tempting to decide that things are good enough and don’t need to be improved upon because it involves having to either increase the budget or find money to pay for things. Before you decide if improving on clinical trial experience is not something you are willing to invest in, ask yourself what it costs to keep recruiting enough trial participants to keep a clinical trial going to completion. What would you do with all that money if you didn’t have to work so hard to keep finding new participants all the time?

The CRO must ask themselves what they’d be willing to spend on improvements if it meant retaining their clients. Trial participants are hard enough to find. CROs need to keep the ones they find. Is the cost of improving the clinical trial experience worth it if it means getting the trials done faster?

Technology Has Already Designed A Better Clinical Trial Experience

What if the design for a better clinical trial experience already existed. What if that excellent communication strategy was already in place in a single platform to make it a reality? eCare Vault is the first solution of its kind to help CROs build better communication plans for their trial participants, keep track of communication with trial participants, and be able to keep trial participants engaged, so they are more likely to finish their trial. Want to see eCare Vault in action? Book a free demo and see how we can help make your clinical trials more patient-centric and

If you’d like to see eCare Vault in action, to see how this ideal platform could work for your next clinical trial, contact us today for a free consultation.

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