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How EdTech Is Going To Save Special Education Services

These days a smartphone or any other handheld device is practically an appendage. What would we do without our technology? You can bank with it, pay bills, buy coffee, or order anything to be delivered to your door. Whatever you can think of to do in-person is almost always possible from your personal device. Budget cuts and hiring shortages are creating strain in the special education space. The latest solution to fix these issues promises to be technology delivered. Even if money becomes difficult to find, EdTech is going to save special education services and we have some good inclinations as to how.

The future of education service delivery, collaboration, and data reporting is here. Here are just a few great ways that school districts throughout the U.S. are making strides with EdTech.

Teletherapy Delivers When In-Person Resources Are Few And Budgets Are Small

It is commonly known that under IDEA, school districts are required to provide appropriate services to students who have extra needs. IEPs dictate what types of special education services are needed for an individual student. Small and rural school districts can struggle to deliver these services because of budget shortages and just plain logistics. Teletherapy has been the beacon of hope these school districts have been waiting for. EdTech in the form of therapeutic service delivery brings an in-person, personalized experience to an individual student without sacrificing time and extra expenses.

Small screens are replacing the big screen TV experience at record pace. Bringing a mode of special education service delivery to a tablet anywhere the student is most comfortable is what children would prefer over being separated from their peers and shuffled to special classrooms. This type of online delivery is not new. It’s been used by corporate America every day for years as a mode of meeting facilitation. It is just now being integrated into the K-12 experience with much success.

“If developed and applied correctly, educational technology has the potential to become truly industry-changing for educators–streamlining time-consuming processes (like lesson planning, reporting, and record-keeping) and simplifying communication–with even farther-reaching implications for educational institutions themselves.”

EdTech Could Help School Districts Avoid Litigation

“If we build it they will come.” Well, sort of. The EdTech niche is becoming more notable as the need to solve budget issues and compliance regulations becomes more of a burden to school districts. Suing a school system when you don’t agree with their process is becoming a troublesome solution parents are gravitating towards. It proves very costly for school districts to defend themselves when budgets are already strained.

FERPA and HIPAA compliance is key as the first hurdle any EdTech technology solution should be able to get over without issue. Make sure any EdTech solution has their certification in at least FERPA compliance. Paying attention to their data security and privacy statements will avoid heartache and potential legal issues in the long run.

Most education information in school districts is sadly on paper and in Google drives all over the place. Coming to a common tool for communication, collaboration, document storage and sharing, and most importantly, reporting, is elusive. Or is it?

eCare Vault Helps School Districts By Bringing Peace Of Mind To The Special Education Process

When litigation threatens or successful delivery of special education services is in question, eCare Vault is there to bring all of the pieces on the puzzle to one secure, cloud-based solution. With a single sign on, school districts have access to records, test results, and the communication transcripts that matter when ability to deliver according to IDEA is challenged. There is no worse feeling than hearing, “You’ll be hearing from our lawyer!” When that happens, find peace of mind knowing that all anyone needs to see regarding your level of delivery is in one place. When transparency and privacy are at the forefront of special education services, eCare Vault is there.

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