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Could Technology And Immigration Solve Our Home Health Care Shortage?

It is long been reported that our Baby Boomers are finding themselves in need of home health care at exactly the right time we find ourselves with a home health care shortage. This is not good news for our Seniors.

Finding qualified and willing home health care providers has come at a premium across the United States. Indeed, we must face this challenge. Maybe we have a solution already? Perhaps we have just been looking in the wrong places to solve it.

Before we dive in, let’s get to the data that supports a theory that recent immigrants could be the people we need to help us care for our aging and infirm. Many of the healthcare workers we see every day are immigrants. In fact, 18% of health care workers were immigrants, according to a study in 2017.

Those figures keep trending up for a reason; opportunity. No matter how you enter a health care career, there is always room for advancement. CNAs can become RNs or Surgical Techs, RNs become BSNs, and so on. Getting into the field of health care provides much opportunity to grow, no matter what your education level is. If the field is so ripe for the picking, why are we facing a growing home health care shortage?

Strong Migrant Work Ethic Plays An Important Role In-Home Health Care

Immigrants eager for employment and financial stability are doing the jobs that US workers seem willing to pass up too easily. Where open jobs that are currently going unfilled by US workers stagnate on job boards, immigrant workers would be more than willing to take them if they were allowed to.

Let’s face it, helping clients with personal hygiene and eating assistance is not very glamorous work but it’s an honest day’s pay and the emotional benefits of helping another in need cannot be understated.

Immigrant workers have endured a lot of hardships to be able to call the United States home. That struggle is more apt to translate into compassion, making immigrant workers excellent candidates for solving the home health care shortage.

With 24-hour care comes work shifts that are less than ideal. Immigrant workers are more willing to take less than desirable shifts than their US coworkers. This helps close the gap of inadequate care and helps immigrant workers find financial stability faster.

What Can We Do To Assist Immigrant Workers In Finding Success Working In-Home Health Care?

Immigrant workers face unique challenges when it comes to working in-home health care. One major hurdle is dealing with language barriers. Immigrant workers need employers who are willing to either offer ESL courses to their employees or help them find ESL classes elsewhere at a reasonable cost.

One economic and convenient solution for this is technology. Online courses offer the vital training that immigrant workers need to be able to effectively communicate with their U.S. clients and employers, with the convenience of taking them on their schedule.

With any career, having the right tools enables every worker to do their job well. Technology has afforded many immigrant workers the ability to do their job in a way that better suits them. Home health care careers come with a lot of paperwork and checklists to fill out. For the immigrant worker, having to constantly translate from their native tongue into English in order to communicate can be a challenge.

Technology creates the ability for immigrant workers to be able to do more, at their own pace. Forms and checklists filled out in another language and then translated later creates a better communication environment than just trying to figure out English on the fly.

For the home health care worker, being able to fill out forms and checklists online, when the pressure is off, creates better client records for the company they work for but is a lot less stressful to the immigrant worker. Combining technology, English readiness, and patience all around makes the job easier on everyone.

What Online Solutions Are Available For Home Health Care Companies?

It would beg the question, “If an online solution is the better one for home health care workflow management, especially with immigrant workers, then what is out there?” eCare Vault is the first cloud-based, HIPAA secure solution that is ready to solve this problem.

Workers can fill out their paperwork on their own, and upload their forms right on to eCare Vault’s secure document management system. Notes can also be recorded by the home health care worker and be commented on by their supervisors. No records need be lost. Everything together for a cohesive, safe communication management policy at your home health care organization.

If you’d like to find out more about how eCare Vault can help you with communication and record management at your home health care agency, set up a free demonstration today!

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